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Guaranteed Rent in Manchester

At NMB Property, we offer Manchester landlords and developers a stress-free rental solution with our guaranteed rent scheme on long-term agreements, ensuring no vacancies, missed rent payments, or agency fees. Additionally, we maintain the property in immaculate condition, including weekly cleaning services at a minimum.

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guaranteed rent manchester city centre

Do you have Rental Properties in Manchester?

Say goodbye to the usual headaches of renting out your property in Manchester and embrace the ease and convenience of NMB Property. Experience peace of mind with guaranteed rental income, which we ensure is at or above market value, delivered punctually each month.


Leave all the heavy lifting to us—from addressing every tenant question to covering maintenance expenses and ensuring your Manchester house or apartment shines with professional cleaning.


To unlock all the benefits of our Guaranteed Rent service in Manchester, simply fill out our enquiry form with your contact information today. Let’s get started on making your property management experience seamless and rewarding!

What is Guaranteed Rent?

Looking for reliable, on-time rent payments in Manchester every month? Discover the simplicity and security of Guaranteed Rent with NMB Property, a premier ‘rent to rent’ solution offering landlords a consistent, hassle-free income. By signing a contract with us, we take over subletting your property, whether as a holiday let or for long-term tenants, with agreements typically spanning 3 to 5 years—and often extending further due to mutual satisfaction.


Enjoy steady, fixed income regardless of occupancy levels or income fluctuations. NMB Property covers all property management and maintenance responsibilities, ensuring peace of mind throughout our partnership. Check out our FAQ section to understand what’s included in our maintenance services.

guaranteed rent manchester city centre

What are the benefits of Guaranteed Rent in Manchester?

Guaranteed Income

Our guaranteed rent in Manchester service means you’ll receive rental income, on time, every month! We pay you rental income even if your Manchester property is empty or we don’t let the property out to any guests.

Long Term Contracts

We strive to build strong relationships with Manchester landlords and provide guaranteed rent on a hassle-free long-term contract. We complete annual reviews and can extend the contract if both parties wish.

No tenant Issues

Experience hassle-free property renting in Manchester with NMB Property. We manage all aspects of your property, eliminating the need for you to deal with payment collections, maintenance issues, or costly eviction procedures. Say goodbye to the frustrations of cancelled viewings, missed payments, and expensive upkeep!

What properties work for Guaranteed Rent in Manchester?

Guaranteed Rent suits all property types, from 1-bed apartments in Manchester City Centre to 4-bed townhouses in the suburbs, with offers based on location and condition. Properties in prime locations with amenities like parking and outdoor spaces, finished to a high standard, command the highest offers. However, if your property doesn’t meet these criteria or requires updates, we’re ready to advise on and assist with cost-effective refurbishments. Unsure? Get in touch to explore your options.

How does Guaranteed Rent work in Manchester?

Follow our steps to get on board:

1. Application

After submitting the guaranteed rent enquiry form, we'll quickly assess your Manchester property and conduct brief research to promptly provide you with an initial offer estimate. We'll contact you to discuss your property's potential value and aim to schedule a viewing swiftly, striving to offer market rent or higher based on size, location, and features like parking and a garden.

2. Agreement / Viewing

After viewing your Manchester property, we'll deliver a formal offer within 24 hours, including terms, contract duration (typically 3-5 years), any planned work, and rent payment details. You're free to accept or decline. We're open to suggestions and flexible with terms, welcoming input from landlords and agents in Manchester.

3. Tenancy Starts

After finalizing the guaranteed rent agreement terms, we'll oversee your property's upkeep and issue the first rental payment. Necessary upgrades will be made to enhance the property before using it to offer high-quality serviced accommodation in Manchester. We encourage landlords to visit and see the transformed property in its prime.

4. Yearly Review

As the contract nears its end, we'll express our interest in extending it, typically through an annual review. If both parties agree, we'll either negotiate a new contract or extend the current one. If we decide to part ways, we guarantee to return the property to you in the same or better condition than when we started.